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About Me

My name is Josh Johnson, I am the proprietor and head coach at STRONGLife. I have spent over 20 years studying and implementing various forms of exercise, diet and lifestyle modification to improve both sports performance and overall health.


Additionally, I have invested many thousands of hours educating and working one-on-one with individuals to achieve their personal fitness and wellness goals.

As an avid outdoor and sport enthusiast, keeping a strong and healthy body and mind allows me to challenge myself with the confidence that I can perform well and remain injury free.


My ultimate goal is to empower others to lead confident, active lives.



STRONGLife offers in-home, at-location and online personal training and nutritional consultation & planning. For busy professionals or those who prefer to avoid crowded gyms, STRONGLife provides the most convenient, effective and personalized service to fulfill all your health and fitness needs. Make use of that home-gym you’ve already invested in, or allow us to design/build one for you. Otherwise, we come completely prepared with enough equipment to provide you with a world-class exercise experience. 



Personal Training

-Fully commit to your fitness and reap all of the benefits of STRONGLife Personal Training


-Unlimited coaching-connection for all fitness, wellness and nutrition related consultation

-Unlimited access to the SLPT Training app with on-demand workouts and custom plans to accommodate travel and missed sessions (coming soon...)

In-Person 10 - $950

*Expires & Auto-Renews @ 6 weeks

In-Person 20 - $1800

*Expires & Auto-Renews @ 12 Weeks


Online 10 - $700

*Expires & Auto-Renews @ 6 weeks

Online 20 - $1300

*Expires & Auto-Renews @ 12 Weeks


Flat Rate

Personal Training


-1-on-1 training sessions to be used at the clients discretion, with no ongoing committment. 

Virtual/Online 10-Pack $800


In-Person 10-Pack $1,100

"I have been training once a week for about 14 years, starting in my mid 50s.  It has been incredibly important to keeping me strong and injury free.  My lower back problems have virtually disappeared.  In helping to compensate for arthritis in my knees, training has been essential for keeping me able to play tennis, ski, and do all the activities I love.  I have been working with Josh for about 5 years. Josh is genuinely nice and caring, and fun to talk to while I work out.  I recommend him highly."

John C.



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