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Practical, Powerful Fitness for Individuals and Athletes

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  • Phone, Facetime and Email Consultation is Always FREE


  • Try It Out! 2 One-Hour Sessions For $99**NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFER

  • Police, Fire, Military and Immediate Families Always get 5% Off All Services.





My name is Josh Johnson, I am the proprietor and head coach at STRONGLife. I have spent nearly 20 years studying and implementing various forms of exercise, diet and lifestyle modification to improve both sports performance and overall health. Additionally, I have invested many thousands of hours educating and working one-on-one with individuals to achieve their personal fitness and wellness goals.

As an avid outdoor and sport enthusiast, keeping a strong and healthy body and mind allows me to challenge myself with the confidence that I can perform well and remain injury free. My ultimate goal is to empower others to lead confident, active lives.



Training Philoshophy

STRONGLife Personal Training was founded upon the principle of enhancing lives wholly by reforming flawed movement patterns, increasing physical strength, and cultivating a courageous and determined mindset. Whether your goal is weight loss, athletic improvement, or simply to become more confident, capable and healthy, we can formulate and apply a plan that WILL work to achieve your goals. No fancy equipment or long hours are required, in fact you don’t even have to leave your own home. We operate in the client’s home or facility of choice (personal gym, office space, outdoor space, etc.) and come prepared with any and all equipment needed to implement an effective workout. I firmly believe that physical activity is the best cure for many of the ailments prevalent in today’s society from obesity to depression. The human body was designed to be used athletically, and for better or worse, the demand for daily physical effort has dramatically decreased. Luckily our bodies are incredibly pliable and profoundly instinctual. By injecting a specific dose of activity into our lives, and working to reform poor dietary and lifestyle habits, we can reverse long term health issues and make drastic improvements to every cell and fiber in our beings. Join me on the quest for health and longevity and start training for a STRONGERLife

Client Testimonials

"I have been training once a week for about 14 years, starting in my mid 50s.  It has been incredibly important to keeping me strong and injury free.  My lower back problems have virtually disappeared.  In helping to compensate for arthritis in my knees, training has been essential for keeping me able to play tennis, ski, and do all the activities I love.  I have been working with Josh for about 5 years. Josh is genuinely nice and caring, and fun to talk to while I work out.  I recommend him highly." John C.

"I am a seventy year old cancer survivor who has neuropathy and balance problems resulting from chemotherapy.  I have been working with Josh for the last two years.  Josh is not the first trainer I have had but he is by far the best.  He has been able to gear our work to my specific problems and is always looking for new ways to approach the situation.  He is not a one size fits all trainer.  As a result I have much better balance and flexibility than I did before we started. In my experience many of the trainers I worked with in the past have a set, pretty rigid set of beliefs about what they want the training to accomplish.  Josh is much more interested in what I want to accomplish and this is what makes him special."  Lynn A.

"I have been training with Josh Johnson the past 4 years. Josh is knowledgeable and dedicated.  He is able to keep my training sessions not only challenging but interesting.  He creates and provides exercises that are constantly pushing my abilities but keeps things far from boring.  He pushes me to exert my best efforts and once he and I realize I have almost met the whole challenge he changes it up and offers another situation that gets me going anew. Josh is always cognizant of my limitations and continuously requests my feedback in regard to his awareness of my weaknesses and previous injuries. Josh is a wonderful man and exceptional trainer. I am secure in knowing he is capable of offering great support in regard to strong health and positive self esteem to those fortunate to experience his expertise." Marylin S.  

"I am an active almost 60 year-old woman, with the goal of continuing my active life-style, and improving my strength, balance, and flexibility into the future. I decided to work with a personal trainer who could oversee my training​,​ and help me progress with my goals while avoiding injury. I have been working with Josh Johnson for over a year now, and, from the beginning, he has patiently yet consistently educated me about the correct way to train, and he has pushed me to challenge myself with a variety of exercises that he has tweaked as my skills have progressed. Under the supervision of Josh's personal training, I can definitely say I have ​safely ​made great progress toward my goals, and I feel stronger with better balance and flexibility!" Laurey M.

"I have enjoyed my training sessions with Josh for many years  and especially his flexibility in scheduling and types of exercises.  My purpose in training is to maintain my ability to deal with daily activities and not to "bulk up".  I started training with 30- minute sessions using Nautilus-type equipment and the "Super Slow" method.  Today, I am using some free weights, stretch bands, and Nautilus-type equipment and focusing on balance and  stretching exercises. I try my best to do a 30-minute session twice a week.  Without a weekly schedule of training sessions with Josh I doubt I would have the self-discipline to workout.  My sessions with Josh have also motivated me to study taichi/qigong."  Howard R.

"As husband and wife we have been training weekly with Josh for a few years. He is a delight to work with. Josh focuses on routines individually designed for both strength and fitness. We always feel safe with him. On occasion when we have had a sensitivity in an area Josh has always known how to adjust our workouts. We feel we are better fit  in both strength and balance than most of our peers (In our 70's) with much appreciation to Josh Johnson." Natalie and Bob S.


My Services

STRONGLife provides in-home and online 

  • 1-on-1 personal training.

  • DIY workout programming

  • Small group training available upon request.

  • Home-gym design/construction 

  • Initial Phone, Facetime and Email Consultation is always FREE

  • TRY IT OUT! 2 One-Hour Sessions For $99* 


  • Police, Fire, Military and immediate families always get 5% off all services. 

  • Refer a Friend and you both receive 2 FREE        One-Hour Sessions with the purchase of their first package.


-DOSE 30-

30 Minute workouts that deliver a concise, effective dose of strength, conditioning and mobility training. 

10 Sessions $605

20 Sessions $1070

-TRAIN 60- 

60 Minute Sessions that deliver an all encompassing strength and conditioning workout 


10 Sessions $785   

20 Sessions $1485


40 Minute Sessions conducted via ZOOM or FaceTime. 


10 Sessions $515

20 Sessions $920

*Set schedules recommended but optional. Sessions utilized at clients discretion

*Additional travel fees may apply for clients beyond an 8 mile radius

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